The Car Laundry Dry Wash Ready-to-Use Formula for Rinseless/Waterless Car Wash (5 Litre)



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Sold and fulfilled by The Car Laundry Store.

  • The Car Laundry Dry Wash is a sprayable ready-to-use formula innovated by The Car Laundry for waterless car wash.
  • TCL Dry Wash softens, lifts, and encases the dirt particles in the sprayed lubricant that is easily and safely wiped away with a microfiber wipe without any use of water.
  • WHAT IT DOES: TCL Dry wash is a spray and wipe cleaner developed for quick car wash without wasting a single drop of water. It has a powerful blend of surfactants that lift the dirt away from Car’s surface.
  • HOW TO USE: Shake the TCL Dry wash well and spray it on the cool car surface and gently wipe using TCL Microfibre cloth and lift to pick up the grim.
  • Don’t forget to use The Car Laundry Dry Wash with every external car wash.


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