The Car Laundry Concentrate Engine Cleaner (5 Litre)



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Sold and fulfilled by The Car Laundry Store.

  • The Car Laundry Engine Cleaner is a non petroleum based product formulated for tough and deep cleaning action on stubborn grudges.
  • Promise you the best quality: The Car Laundry never compromise with the quality of the product. We only deliver what is best for the heart of your car.
  • Extremely useful for rust prevention, early oil/ fluid leakage detection and belt wear detection.
  • HOW TO USE: to soften the deposits on the engine compartment, start the engine, let it warm for a few minutes and shut it down. The engine should only be slightly warm. (WARNING: DO NOT touch hot surfaces in the engine bay!). Spray the entire engine compartment with TCL Engine Cleaner and allow it to work on the grudge for 5 minutes and then gently agitate the heavily soiled areas with a soft brush or cotton towel and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • The Car Laundry Engine cleaner should only be used by professionals and with proper instructions.