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How Automobile Business owners can add more profits.

With the COVID hitting our lives, all of us are finding ways to cope up with the personal and economical changes. At these times we see a huge shift from unorganized to organized. The consumer wants to know what is offered and by whom, grooming, hygiene, range of services, sops, and the deal-breakers. This is where THE CAR LAUNDRY brings in our expertise with the NEO store concept.
Partnering with automobile owners like car washing centers, garages, tire showrooms, used car dealers, etc to provide high-end affordable car care.
Advantage of Neo Franchise Offering Higher Returns
The addition of car cleaning/ hygiene services at low cost, using existing infrastructure will result in higher utilization of the infrastructure, thus giving higher returns over an extended period of time.
The longevity of the business is important for a franchisee to put in an investment. Hence, an active association with The Car Laundry will help franchisee set and focus on long term goals and bring stability in the business.
Training Program
We believe in Quality of Service. This quality helps our centers attract and keep customers. Hence, the staff at Neo Franchise Center needs to be trained by a team of professionals from ‘The Car Laundry’ about all the micro and macro aspects of the operations.
Investment Disbursement
By leveraging the industrial experience of The Car Laundry, the Neo Centers will attract the customers through various marketing channels. Hence, a customized marketing strategy will be framed for the center based on market size, target consumer spends, location, and other attributes.
Standardized Operational Procedures
To maintain homogeneity in quality, we provide standardized procedures for each of the service offerings. This would help the Neo Center provide excellent operational execution across a range of Services.
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