Bike Care Services

This is a basic Service for upkeep and maintenance of your Bike/ Two Wheeler

When it is required?

This service is recommended to maintain the basic hygiene of the Bike.

How we do it?

This service includes Foam Wash of Bike’s Body paint together with the polishing of Tyre/ Plastic/ Vinyl components of the bike. This comprehensive service helps to keep Bike clean, tidy and shiny.

Rate: Rs. 249/-

This is a detailed service for the upkeep of the Bike/Two Wheeler.

When it is required?

This service aims at detailed cleaning of the Bike to remove minor scratches, swivel’s from the Bike’s body paint.

How we do it?

This is a detailed clean up of the Bike by Washing the Bike with Foam. An additional wax coat is applied to remove minor scratches from the Bike. Type/Plastic/Vinyl components are polished to remove dust and improve aesthetics by giving a glossy look.

Rate: Rs. 499/-

This is a comprehensive Bike and Helmet cleaning service for maintenance of the Bike

When it is required?

We recommend this service to keep your Bike sparkling clean.

How we do it?

This is a 5 layer service. It includes foam wash for paint body of the bike. Then wax coating is applied for protection against dirt and dust. This also gives a shine to the painted body. Tyres and Plastic/ Vinyl/Rubber surface is cleaned and polished for a cleaner, glossy look. Helmet outer surface is cleaned and treated with chemicals to give it water repellent properties. This helps in avoiding water retention on the helmet surface and safe driving of the bike. The interior of the helmet is sanitized to provide a cleaner odor-free interior. Leather Accessories/ seat cover is conditioned to increase the aesthetic value.

Rate: Rs. 999/-

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